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Faithful Creativity

I don’t always read my devotionals in order. Sometimes I just flick through the pamphlet and see where I am drawn, I am also inclined to read older publications as sometimes that past message is relevant for present me.

This week I was drawn to a word from a few weeks ago and the focus of the message was creativity:

God has made us all with the ability to be creative…

There are plenty of alternative, creative ways to connect with God. We can journal, read books, study theology and worship Him through art, music or hospitality. So if we’re feeling a bit stuck in our relationship with God, let’s think creatively and try something new. (ref)

In my last post, I told you about my prayer journal and my plans to develop my faith, encourage my spiritual growth and to take time to meditate on the word of God. As you know, I want to be more intentional with my prayer life and I want to ensure that I take time every day to read, study, contemplate and pray.

It was with this in mind that I was drawn to the latest release from Me and My Big Idea’s, Happy Planner collection; the Classic-sized 2018-2019 Walk By Faith is a lovely disc-bound planner that has restarted my #plannergirl dreams (one day I should take a photo of my ‘collection’). I plan to use this planner, alongside the prayer journal, as part of my faith-toolkit and my aim is to explore if having a focused, and themed planner will help (or hinder) my continuing spiritual journey and daily intentions.

I know I have to carefully manage all of my creative pursuits, and I do not want to get caught up in anything that causes a distraction, however, I want to experiment with the idea of faithful creativity and how our time with God can take on many forms.

My current plan is to create a plan-with-me style blog and/or video each week as I decide which scriptures I want to focus on that week, go through my current study notes and also show how I take time to incorporate my faith with my mental wellness journey.

If I do create videos they will be posted on YouTube and I hope to see you other there soon.



Rebecca Barlow Jordan says: All of us are artists, and God has work for us to do. [He] encourages us to enjoy the fruits of our labour. But the true blessing comes not just in knowing we’ve overcome…[it’s] when creativity validates its divine origin and brings honour to God (ref)


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