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Adjusting Plans & Embracing Superpowers

After taking the time to write about streamlining my blogs and keeping everything in one place – I started a new blog.

With the clarity of a therapeutic level of medication I realised that something I thought was a negative could, in fact, be a positive. Whilst I was suffering from an overwhelming lack of focus, with a few adjustments this diversity of my mind could work in my favour. My neurologically diverse brain works in ways that isn’t typical and so I had to realise that I shouldn’t seek to manage it in a neurotypical way.

The truth was, that whilst I was working on being an advocate for others, I forgot to advocate for myself.

I worried that others would thing I was ‘doing too much’ and I wanted to make thing easier but easier for who? Turns out the need for separate compartments (digitally and mentally) was a technique my brain created to manage, and it turns out that it was a good thing!

When I return to education in October I’m going to need a space that is just focused on academia and study skills; and I like having a place that I can focus on my faith and another place to talk about gaming. It’s okay that my brain has a multitude of interests, it is past time that we see this as a skill, a God-given gift, rather than a hindrance.

My neurodiversity is not something I should apologise for, or try to excuse. Yes, I think differently. Yes, I process differently and yes often that goes against the quote-u quote norm. But so, what?

Maybe this is my superpower?

What if we started looking at our quote-unquote differences as a superpower God has given us, rather than something wrong that we are suppressing to fit in, or to do things the supposed right way?

Although my path has been uncomfortable (and let’s be honest, there have been moments it has been life threatening) as time goes on I am learning more about myself and how best to interact with life, and I realise that what were weaknesses have the potential to also be strengths.

I thought that with medication, and diagnosis I would have to erase those aspects of myself, when the truth is, they are the reason that I have manage to get this far!


So today let us turn to God in thanksgiving that we think different; that we move through the world on different frequencies.

Let us embrace who we are and share ourselves honestly, and unapologetically.


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