Who I Am – a poem

I am bohemian spirited and quietly convicted.
Neurologically atypical, autistic minded.
An idealistic romantic, yet cynical introvert who gains nourishment from the moonlight but wilts in the sun.
I am a keeper of fragmented memories and a reluctant survivor.
An ancient soul and a tender hearted child.
I am an open minded, excitable depressive.
A scarred healer and a people pleaser.
I am a fearfully brave homebound wanderer.
A seeker of truth and a lover of mystery.
I am a nondenominational, imperfect spiritual explorer, an inclusive Christian who believes that love is love and that prayer can be magical.
I am a child of God, trying to accept His grace, striving to be my most authentic self.
I am me.

[edited 21.01.19]