The Christian Challenge

One of the toughest things I had to face in recent months has not been depression or anxiety (for they are familiar states) but publicly acknowledging my Christian faith. To put yourself forward by such an identifier comes with it many battles in the spiritual and the natural.

One such battle was the fear that friends would view me differently. That they would no longer want to confide in me from fear I would judge them, or not understand.

I worried about people opposing God and what I would say in His defense.

I worried about not being associated with ‘those’ Christians. I want to constantly add that whilst I’m a Christian I’m not one of ‘those’ Christians.

And quite frankly how dare I?

How dare I act as though God is some dirty secret that I must hide, or qualify? Or Defend?

I do not have to justify my personal relationship with God. I do not have to explain to others why I desire Him in my heart. It just is.

Like my brown eyes, my dark skin, and my sometimes curly hair.

I’m am not ashamed of being a Christian. Not anymore.

One challenge down.

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