31/31 Journal Recovery

31 Hopes, Dreams & Adventures

I am unsure if this is a ‘me’ thing or an ‘autism’ thing but I have a strong affinity to certain number combinations especially when it comes to dates and times. My favourite time (on the digital clock) is 12.34, but I also adore numbers that ‘butterfly’ or ‘mirror image’ such as 11:11 or 15:51.

When it comes to dates I always feel inspire to start something new when the first day of the month is a Monday, or when the day matches the month for example the 3rd of March (3).

I notice or find patterns in everything and create meaning or attachments, it can be fun but it can also have negative connotations. On the lighter-end is procrastination but more seriously I have had to deal with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am someone who struggles with perfectionism, obsessive, often negative, ideations as well as physical and mental health issues, so I must be careful.

However, that is a story for another day.

Today I want to focus on the positive.

As I mentioned earlier some dates/times can be inspiring and this year something amazing happened -my age perfectly matched the day I was born.

I was 31 on the 31st and I made a commitment to myself to use this year to actively pursue my dreams by pushing through the fear (seeking professional support if needed) and trying things even if the outcome is failure. Some of the things on the list are (to me, outlandish) some would appear to others as simple. And right now, I don’t technically have a full list of 31, but that doesn’t bother me because as I learn new things I am discovering new interests and re-engaging with old ones.

I love the organic nature of my list; some things interconnect whilst others stand alone.

Many are long term projects, whereas others can be achieved in a day also let’s pretend there isn’t exactly 31 on there 😉 

The point of this is to fight many long-held fears and pursue personal freedom so I do not want to add restrictions or rules to the things I include. This means that I have had to give myself permission to remove, or adjust, anything that no longer feels ‘right’ or that I don’t enjoy.


So, let’s get on with the list; my documented work in progress, that has no set order except when they ‘popped’ into my brain:

1. Stream games (Twitch/Mixer/YouTube?)
2. Start a YouTube channel
3. Go back to university
4. Learn Japanese
5. Learn BSL (British Sign Language)

6. Go to Paris

7. Start writing a book – (Nanowrimo?)
8. Start a counselling course
9. Learn how to make soap (melt & pour and cold/hot process)
10. Visit Kew Gardens

11. Try new crafts – resin, beading/jewellery making, knitting, clay, hand lettering
12. Plant an edible garden (first steps to urban homesteading)
13. Be debt free
14. Go on a date
15. Keep a regular blogging schedule – and promote/market my writing.

16. Start a tiny home business (sell on Etsy?)
17. Write (and share) a devotional
18. Sing to an audience
19. Make my own Christmas cards
20. Try the Kaizen method

21. Read the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs
22. Learn how to watercolour
23. Learn the violin
24. Take a driving lesson in a manual car (and try automatic)
25. –

26. –
27. –
28. –
29. –
30. –
31. –

Where I am at with this list? (September 2018)
1. I tried streaming. I loved it. I got sick. I stopped. I hope to get back into it soon.
2. I started two channels.
3. I am going to be studying 30 credits with the Open University.
4. I have signed up for my first online tutorial and a free online self-study course.
5. –

6. I’m heading to Paris in October!
7. –
8. I signed up for a level 2 course and it starts in late September!
9. I got a melt and pour kit from the internet
10. –

11. I have the tools…
12. –
13. –
14. –
15. I have been uploading every other Tuesday

16. In the early research stages
17. –
18. I did sing a birthday song to a friend
19. I have the tools…
20. I downloaded a book…

21. –
22. I have the tools…
23. I have a violin and need to save up for lessons.
24. –
25. –

26. –
27. –
28. –
29. –
30. –
31. –


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